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John Chuckman



Thank you, Diane Abbott.

You only say what’s understood by all clear-thinking people.

This anti-Semitism witch hunt has been lowest form of political attack in modern history.

Indeed, it demonstrates vividly a really low-life aspect of David Cameron’s character.

The people doing this dirty work smile with self-satisfaction while they do the very thing they accuse others of, unacceptable name-calling.

God, they even roped in the leader of Israel’s Labour Party to add his twisted words.

McCarthyism, pure and simple.

Pure hate.

I have admired Jeremy Corbyn on many matters, but I much regret that this otherwise honorable man has buckled to this ugly pressure. I am disappointed.

So the political low-lives have at least in part succeeded.

He was always the target.


Response to another comment pointing out that Dianne Abbott made disparaging remarks in the past about not needing another white man running for mayor:

 You have a point, but in the real world, sometimes people who are otherwise wrong can be right.

Trump is a good example. Wrong on lots of issues. Dead right on a few very important ones.

The great writer, Graham Greene, said:

“…the writer should always be ready to change sides at the drop of a hat. He stands for the victims, and the victims change.”


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