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John Chuckman



Well, there are photos showing a man who appears to be Cruz Senior handing out pro-Cuba leaflets with Oswald in New Orleans.

Those who’ve studied the assassination in some depth know that Oswald was put up to this provocative work by still unknown parties.

The best guess is that this was just one of many gimmicks to collect names of Castro sympathizers – those who would write in response to the phony pamphlet.

The people who put Oswald on this task and some others are almost certainly the ones who assassinated Kennedy.

Now, it so happens, that Cruz Senior was a Cuban refugee, and it has been said he had some rather unpleasant connections in the refugee community. There are also accusations of shady family doings. All in all, the kind of stuff that makes you a good possible tool for people with really bad intentions.

I don’t know. His name never came up in the past regarding the assassination, but the photo is pretty startling and not just something to dismiss.

My own view has long been the CIA-trained and -supplied and -paid Cuban fighter refugees were the ones who killed Kennedy, almost certainly with the cooperation of their immediate CIA handlers.

They literally hated Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs and the settlement of the Cuban Missile Crisis. They had motive, opportunity, and means which Oswald most certainly did not.

Oswald was just what he said he was, a patsy. He likely crossed paths quite innocently with the killers when he worked as an FBI informant, something we know he did, and we even have his FBI informant number. The Kennedy brothers put some pressure on the FBI to keep informed about continuing anti-Castro activities, even conducting some raids, following the Cuban Missile Crisis and Kennedy’s promise not to again invade Cuba.

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