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John Chuckman



‘Governments can reduce our dignity to that of tagged animals’

Yes, indeed, Edward Snowden, but I fear recent developments mean a great deal more.

The United States is building a national security state. This will serve the establishment by means of America’s vast network of security organizations and military, reducing the rest of us to stats on a screen or page.

Much like an arms race, this kind of thing has no limits as to how vast or comprehensive it becomes. There is no genuine accountability, and the people have no tribunes.

Already the United States – where I was born and grew up – runs programs to kill people in half a dozen countries. Names are taken off computer screens and given to buzz-cut thugs who work somewhere in the basements of CIA also at computer screens, playing computer games with real lives. It is appalling.

There is no significant difference between this and the way the old Argentine military junta used to make what they regarded as undesirable people disappear in the night, activity which of course America’s security services knew about and had no trouble with. Obama signs off from “kill lists” which are now rumored to go beyond just suspected terrorists, including drugs people.

These killings have no legality, and there is no accounting for them. The victims are completely innocent under law, and all the others often killed along with them are not even suspects.

It’s all as though the Enlightenment and all that followed had never happened. It doesn’t take long for all sense of human rights simply to dissolve away.

Obama – who by the way is often rumored to be CIA, as was George Bush senior, and who is in any case an almost psychotic man, one who dislikes openness and explaining himself, possessing a charming smile and a keen willingness to kill in secret – and the intelligences services are building a future dark society George Orwell could not have imagined.

A final word of gratitude for the blow you struck for human freedom, but I do fear things are going to run completely beyond control, there being, I am sure, programs and weapons and secret organizations of which you are not even aware. And the rapid approach of artificial intelligence and capable robots – all in the control of the same folks – does not signify a bright future for humanity.


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