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John Chuckman



There are at least two fatal flaws in the EU today.

There is a complete lack of effective leadership. They are all midgets. There is not anyone even close to the stature of a de Gaulle.

And they stand ready to allow themselves consistently to be used by the US for its own geo-political ends. The real needs and interests of 500 million people are completely secondary to the geo-political goals of Washington’s imperial establishment.

Mrs. Merkel has been disgracefully so inclined and, as de facto leader of Europe, she has been a kind of blundering anti-de Gaulle. Much of the blame for any possible break-up in Europe must rest with her.

Her position on the refugees is just an outcome, albeit with humanitarian motives, of having accepted for years the horrors being induced in Syria by America’s proxies and then seeing first-hand the bitter results in the people fleeing.

Her dirty dealings with Turkey’s Erdogan, in paying massive blackmail for the control of refugee flows, refugees which his dirty work in Syria helped create in the first place, are really hard to accept, but Turkey remains a key US anti-Russian state. She can’t criticize without the immediate disapproval of Washington, something she seems to have no capacity to risk. On this matter alone, history will not be kind to her leadership.

Her supplying Israel with sophisticated diesel-powered submarines, made capable of carrying mid-range nuclear missiles, is completely irresponsible, but again it is guilt-induced with not enough hard-headed thought about long-term consequences.

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