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John Chuckman



“Yep – and this from one of America’s most trusted news sources!”

NPR is today a pathetic shadow of what it once was, and this is because of years of attacks by American conservatives against what Newt Gingrich called, “a sandbox for yuppies to play in.”

Over decades it has lost much of its original government funding, and now depends a great deal upon advertising like any other commercial network.

However, while it once had a few trusted news people, NPR was never a truly independent voice.

Can you just imagine the reaction in Congress, its prime funder, if on any big international issue it even once presented matters as they actually were as opposed to how Washington wanted them to appear?

It never happened.

However this new NPR claim goes far beyond its historical record of following the official line.

This claim is as ham-fisted as the claims of some old Soviet Apparatchik of decades back, claims which many in the West greeted with derision.

No thinking and informed person can treat this NPR claim with anything other than derision.

It is so beyond absurd that it is actually a bit scary to consider that NPR editors now believe this sounds informed or reasonable.

But that is precisely because American policy today is itself beyond absurd.

What a dangerous and irresponsible thing to say.

It is clear that the NPR effort serves both to continue America’s serial attack on Putin in efforts to get Europe to turn its back on Russia and to defend America’s appalling record in Syria, the reality of which is support for terror while pretending to fight it, America’s definition of terror always changing depending on whether it likes the victim or not.

What a bleak place we are brought to by America’s first black president, a man who once seemed to offer promise and be liberal-minded but has proved to be a dangerous promoter of the worst kind of American exceptionalism and international aggression.

Maybe he really is a CIA plant as some in the past have speculated.

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