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John Chuckman



“Has celebrity feminism failed?”

Please, mention Hollywood and any person of sound mind knows that what follows on just about any subject is rubbish.

Genuine feminism never, never has had to do with celebrity.

It starts with real needs in a changing economy.

The millions of women who became an army of workers after WWII.

And many of them with children, so new needs for child care etc.

They were brave, tough women doing real work, not speech-makers doing the dinner circuit.

The celebrity feminists are exactly comparable to the people who write essays about this or that technological change, after it has happened.

The complete disappearance of celebrity feminists would have no effect on the real economy, except for their own bank accounts.

The economy employs huge numbers of women in all kinds of fields today because they are quite simply needed.

We’d be scraping the bottom of the barrel for men otherwise.

And as we proceed, new demands for women arise in every segment of activity.

Their brains are needed now in most fields.

It will all come quite naturally with time.

But if you like celebrity feminists making speeches please enjoy.

Even Hollywood once had real feminists who achieved great things through their work and helped set patterns for the future, Bette Davis perhaps being the most notable.

But their work wasn’t giving speeches.

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