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John Chuckman



More arrogant American nonsense. The country seems only to grow dumber in its acts with each passing day.

We’ve known for a while that the Saudis paid bin Laden to keep away from Saudi Arabia. That fact was in Anthony Summers’ book on 9/11.

But paying someone to stay away from your country is not the same thing as supporting acts of terror.

The simple fact is that to this day we have never been supplied with evidence Osama was even involved.

The American congressmen making a lot of noise over this have a special agenda.

First is to divert suspicions about Israel’s involvement. We do not know exactly how Israel was involved, but it most certainly was.

Two gangs of Mossad agents were working in the US at this time. One a gang of “art students” travelling around, and the second a smaller group posing as house moving company. They were actually reported to police when seen taking video of the impact and generally dancing around. They were arrested, questioned and eventually deported. We know nothing else.

The second reason for this act is just to open the plundering of Saudi assets by “survivors” through the US courts. I’m sure some congressmen get quite tired of hearing from them about when something will be done. This gets them off the congressmen’s backs.

There is no way at all a court could make an informed decision on this matter, but that may not stop US courts, which quite regularly make stupid decisions. After all, some US judges are elected and must play to the crowds.

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