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John Chuckman



“US ‘Promotes Regional Stability’ With War Games In Russia’s Back Yard”

I just love that headline, and it is right on the mark.

Every act of the United States these days seems positively Orwellian in nature.

Intimidation and threats are called promoting regional stability.

Half destroying Syria by proxy terrorists is called seeking peace in the Mideast.

Passing a law to permit Americans to use American courts to plunder Saudi assets is called justice for 9/11 survivors.

Intimidating China in its regional waters is called keeping sea lanes open.

I do think things could reach an extremely dangerous point.

All of this plus other stupidities are the result of America’s unwillingness to accept the reality of a multi-polar world emerging, one in which it will no longer be able to pretend it is still 1957.

That and the terrible influence of the neo-cons – like the genuinely repulsive Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs – sick people who want a world in which America’s word is the law everywhere.

We certainly will see only a continuation of this for years to come if Hillary Clinton is elected, a sickening prospect.

I’m not even a conservative, but I do see as our only meaningful hope in these matters, the election of Donald Trump. He’s a realist, not a dangerous, seething ideologue.

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