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John Chuckman



“Why won’t Bernie Sanders step down for the sake of the American Left?”

I suppose it would be possible to write a dumber, less informed piece, but Rupert Cornwell would have to work very hard at it.

Please, everyone in Britain, understand that Hillary is not Left and never has been, even remotely.

Hillary is a woman who started as a supporter of Barry Goldwater, proceeded to become the enabler mate for her predator husband, has always and everywhere supported wars and violent acts like the FBI at Waco, and today is virtually the official candidate of the neocon fascists who have brought us almost back to the Cold War.

Bernie Sanders himself is a rare bird in America today, a genuine liberal, but there is almost no genuine liberal movement in America as any writer worth his salt should know.

The phenomenon his success represents is the general public’s loathing of Hillary Clinton’s character, nothing less. The woman is quite literally a contemporary Lucretia Borgia, and an awful lot of Americans know it.

This is so true that a lot of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have indicated they will vote for Trump over her.

Indeed, in two recent polls, including Fox News, Trump for the first time actually leads Clinton.

If she runs, she is going to lose and lose big.

Mr. Cornwell, your plea would be far more rational applied to that ugly mass of blind ambition, Hillary herself.

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