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John Chuckman



There are three suggestive facts around this crash.

1) The plane flew right through the area of a joint naval exercise called Phoenix Express 2016.

2) The plane was detected by the Greek Defence Forces taking unusual evasive action like nothing involved in normal flight. Although the Egyptians already are saying this isn’t so.

3) A Greek recorded some video of a “fireball” across the sky at the time. At least to my eye it resembles a rocket trail.

The shooting down of civilian airliners by the American military has happened about half a dozen times. These events are always either completely lied about (TWA Flight 800 off the US East Coast) or presented as something other than what they were (The downing of an Iranian airliner during the Iran-Iraq War).

It should come as no surprise if this proves to be the case here. America’s ships and jets are in many locations and carry many deadly missiles. We also live in a time of extremely elevated tensions thanks to the US, so such weapons are all the more prone to being fired in error.

Of course, Egypt will never tell us the truth just as the US lied about TWA 800 and as it lies about Ukraine’s role in downing MH-17.

Already Egypt’s government is contradicting the experts at the morgue who said the bodies proved an explosion.

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