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John Chuckman



I’m glad you put “clinching” the nomination in quotes.

She is only candidate presumptive, and she is only that because of the undemocratic business of Super-delegates in the Democratic Party.

And this announcement on the eve of the country’s largest primary is a highly questionable tactic, intended undoubtedly to discourage supporters of Bernie from voting in the primary.

No one becomes the candidate until the convention, and many things can happen between now and the convention.

This move of Super- delegates to her is nothing less than an insider pressure tactic on Bernie to withdraw.

But I’m pretty sure he’s made of sterner stuff than that.

They’ve already appealed to him in private, but he wishes, rightly, to continue his magnificent effort.

If Bernie wins in California today, the Party insiders are going to look very foolish, although more acts of voter suppression by Hillary’s followers may prevent that embarrassment, and there are rumors about extensive questionable use of provisional ballots. This very press announcement on the eve of the nation’s largest primary is of course itself a bit of underhandedness.

If he does win, they will have created an impossible situation by crowning a presumptive candidate who simply is not popular nor well-liked.

Trump is certain to defeat her, absolutely certain.

Bernie is their only hope, but the fact that he is not viewed in that way is testimonial to the overwhelming power of money in American politics.

The Clintons are literally bought and paid for, many times over, with big money. The Party’s Super-delegates are only reminding us of the fact.


FOOTNOTE:  I note, after writing this, that the Los Angeles Times reports more than two million ballots not counted yet, a substantial portion of the total.

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