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John Chuckman



I mostly liked this.

Lincoln’s speeches were biblical in cadence and phrasing, even though Lincoln was not in the least religious, as we know from his intimate friend biographer, Herndon.

This likely reflected the largely self-taught nature of his education. He went to school less than two years, but his native intelligence pushed him I’m sure to read and re-read the few books available to him.

Actually, and I know some readers will object, Trump has aspects of John Kennedy. No, he isn’t literary. No, he isn’t fascinated by history. And, no, he doesn’t have the kind of “class” Kennedy had.

But Trump shares with Kennedy a bold spirit and some disdain for conventional wisdom of the establishment of his time.

Kennedy in private was extremely disdainful of the military, the State Department, and the corporate chiefs of his day who were not willing to compromise for the country as a whole.

I don’t recall anyone’s observing the fact, but that outlook is very much shared by Trump.

Both men were raised in wealth so that they were comfortable and self-assured, yet both men reflect a bit of a higher purpose as it were.

Trump’s patriotism is genuine and deep, and, while I am not an admirer of excessive patriotism, it seems to motivate him to do something good for his country.

If he gets a chance, he could prove a great president.

Yes, he has policies I don’t agree with and, yes, he could disappoint, but I am pretty sure there’s something there of considerable worth.

You simply do not get everything when you elect someone as a leader. You get a bundle of qualities, some of which you like and some of which you don’t like.

America’s recent policies have made the world a very dangerous place, and they have put America in the position of being a mass killer comparable to the old Argentine junta. If Trump can moderate these poisonous tendencies, he will have done a good work for the world, not just America.

As for Hillary, she’s simply a blood-stained, lying psychopath. She’ll choke us in blood and venom.

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