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I think Robert is into his decline.

This analysis is not convincing, nor is the piece especially informative.

No matter who is Defense Minister or any other official, Israel keeps millions of people in a kind of perpetual prison with no rights whatever, unless you count having your home or farm stolen, whenever it pleases the Israelis, as a kind of perverse right.

Actually, I am always amazed at the general passiveness and peacefulness of the Palestinians.

Just as I remain amazed at the West’s indifference to the nightmare situation Israel perpetuates virtually without censure.

We often hear empty words about how restrained Israel is, as in not eliminating all those people in one fashion or another, and I cannot believe what I hear.

Restrained is keeping 5 to 6 million people with no hopes, no rights, no votes, and no future? Actually, some might view the situation as just as terrible as mass murder, and we are well into a third generation being kept this way. Truly, one of the most disgraceful situations on the planet.

And we always are dishonest about it, as in calling it a war. It isn’t a war and never has been. It is overwhelming oppression with the rare small explosion of violence from a few of the oppressed.

How can anyone be surprised by any such event, given the context? And how can anyone speak of wanting to provoke anyone? The only surprise is that there is not a massive explosion of human frustration and rage.

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