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John Chuckman



Well, the first issue is why The Independent features this man making his lunatic claims?

You don’t do the same for Anders Breivik, who is the closest in personality traits to Tony Blair of any person in the news I can think of.

Well, I suppose publicizing him has some merit, something like publicizing the circus is in town.

The totally twisted nature of what Blair is saying might not be apparent to all readers since it involves misinformation along several lines at the same time.

First, he’s still defending the mass terror perpetrated on Syria by America, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia – with Britain and a few others in the cheering section – now for five years.

Now, I’m perfectly sure he knows otherwise in private, but he continues his tradition of lying, and lying on a grand scale. That’s what he did, of course, to assist in killing a million people in Iraq and basically destroying its economy for a generation.

Second, he’s still condemning President Assad who is not only the legitimate leader of Syria, widely supported, but a pretty decent leader overall for his people. In some areas, especially religious freedom, Syria is freer than most parts of the Middle East, especially some of those parts where the leaders commission Tony at sky-high rates on special tasks. Or those who’ve awarded him prizes and medals for his good work in mass murder. This is a real friend of democracy and human rights speaking here.

He’s continuing the entirely inaccurate American line about barrel-bombs, which is complete nonsense. Barrel-bombs are not terror weapons, they are weapons against terrorists. They are cheaper – important when your back is to the wall with American proxy killers – and they in some ways minimize greater damage. Only an idiot would assert that Assad deliberately drops them on his own people. Well, I’ve never regarded Tony as an idiot, just narcissistic, ravenously greedy serial liar.

And where was Tony’s voice when America shipped quantities of deadly Sarin gas from collapsed Libya to Turkey for transshipment into poor Syria, where it was promptly used on civilians by America’s proxies to create an excuse for a larger war directly involving America? Why, he was probably over in his counting house busy counting the latest shipment of blood dividends from America and Co. which is always generous afterwards to its bloody minions. It’s rather like “blood diamonds” from which Tony has generated all his wealth.

Of course, he’s also attacking Jeremy Corbyn, yet again, an incredible low-life attacking a decent man. Tony can’t seem to stand the fact that a man of some honor and honesty might actually rule the country one day, so he does all that he can think of doing to throw mud.

After all, Tony worked very hard – it is hard work selling your soul and lying incessantly – to help create the mess we see in today’s world, and he undoubtedly has a bit of pride of ownership about the rampage through the Middle East which likely has killed two million souls. So he sure doesn’t want any decent man coming along to muck it all up.


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