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John Chuckman



“Anti-Semitism is all the craze these days.”

Simply mindless.

I can’t believe an intelligent person could write such a sentence, and the author should be absolutely ashamed for doing so.

But I know he isn’t because he is not writing to communicate facts or ideas.

He is writing propaganda.

Shameless propaganda, but given a playful tone as though it were the furthest thing from the writer’s mind to create propaganda.

Another shovel-full of the ugly, smelly stuff we’ve had, on and off, for many weeks. Quite literally a witch hunt used as a political tool.

Get Corbyn and all like him. David Cameron hates him. Tony Blair hates him. The government of Israel hates him. And every opportunity will be taken to tear him and his supporters down for being nothing beyond decent politicians.


Response to another reader’s comment about the writer referring to Jews in bondage in Egypt:

This statement is beyond “corny.”

The author, obviously busy with his propaganda purpose and self-indulgent attitude, apparently has no idea that the enslavement in Egypt never happened.

Not one archaeological find, not one, has supported a myth which is the same class with Jonah and the big fish and Lott’s wife. And archaeology in Egypt has been deep and extensive. Indeed, the name “Moses” is of Egyptian origin and not Hebrew.

We also know today that the men used to build monuments like the pyramids were not slaves, but well-looked after workers. We have discovered where they lived and a good deal about how they were treated, which was rather well.

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