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“Distortions over Isis involvement in Orlando play into the hands of the jihadists”

Maybe, but I think far, far more important is the fact that distortions play into the hands of the American establishment which now works night and day now to control events throughout the world, establishing what is so charmingly termed “full-spectrum dominance.”

Fear – often groundless fear – is the chief tool for this effort, and it works extremely effectively as men such as Hitler and Stalin knew full well in the past in making it a weapon of choice.

America’s efforts domestically include the NSA and 16 other security agencies plus intelligence-connected corporate allies like Facebook and Google and Microsoft plus a totally compliant, often groveling, press literally to spy on every detail of everyone’s life.

Its international efforts include about a dozen wars and conflicts, some using proxies and some using its own troops, plus a junta-like extra-judicial killing program plus the fomenting of coups in half a dozen places plus extreme, unwarranted aggression against Russia and China.

Its military/security efforts include everything from facial and behavioral recognition programs to a gigantic secret effort to upgrade its thermos-nuclear arsenal.

Its diplomatic and foreign relations efforts include efforts ranging from pressuring Ban Ki-Moon to remove Saudi Arabia from the UN’s list of child killers – where it very much belongs owing to its many atrocities in Yemen, including the use of cluster bombs on civilians – to the insane economic pressure being applied to Russia through Europe at Europe’s expense and to the continued complete toleration of one of the world’s most repressive states, its colony in the Middle East.

It needs public support for all this and more, and it keeps feeding logs to the fire to make people sweat.

Obama’s “home-grown extremist” and the crazed rhetoric of Clinton and Trump serve only to raise the intensity of the fire.

Please, this is just ignorant nonsense serving the purpose of scaring people into supporting more resources for the military and the security services.

The facts in this case are simple, and they have nothing to do with terror.

The man was a psychotic. His ex-wife says he was a manic-depressive who was very abusive to her and who had an intense dislike of gays.

Anything else you say is beside the point, if not deliberately blurring what should be the focus.

Whether he was Muslim or Zoroastrian makes not one whit of difference.

Add to his mental instability the fact that this man was freely able to buy powerful weapons and to work for a security firm handling weapons, and the blame for this horror is significantly on the shoulders of obtuse officials who made it all possible.

A proved psychotic person should never be able to buy guns, full stop.

While we have had many examples of events in the Age of Terror Superstition where newspapers and government officials make fools of themselves, this one is the topper.

His religion or ethnic background is just about as relevant as that of some paranoid schizophrenic who stabs a person on the street claiming he is Brutus and had to kill Caesar.

Every instance of this kind of twisted thinking is dangerous to our society.

Please think. The number of actual terror events is so small that they represent about the same risk you have in breaking your back in getting out of the bath tub.

And mass murder in the United States is not only not unusual, it is a regular part of the fabric of life in this extremely violent and aggressive society.

Meanwhile, American police shoot 1,100 Americans each year in the streets, and don’t think all the foolish hype about terror makes them even more trigger happy?

Meanwhile, America fights vicious and illegal wars, killing thousands monthly.

Meanwhile, American drones assassinate innocent people regularly.

Meanwhile, Israel holds 5 to 6 million people against their will, abuses them terribly, and gets off as free as a bird, being treated as a victim rather than the perpetrator it certainly is, and for the most part the press says nothing and our governments say nothing.

Our world is full of genuine horrors, and we don’t need to focus on fantasies about “terrorists. The word “terrorist” has become a kind of witch’s charm used without any thinking, the situation in Israel being the origin for this language. There people who make any effort for their own freedom or rights are immediately labelled “terrorists” and our press simply accepts the usage.

Now, I am certainly not saying there are no genuine terrorists in the world. After all, we had the IRA and ETA and others for years (and I might add Irgun and the Stern Gang), but the astute observer will have noticed we never treated those situations as we now treat so-called “international terror.”

There is good reason for that. Today’s so-called terror is mostly the natural reaction of many peoples to America’s huge, global program of aggression and control. And part of today’s so-called terror is the deliberate manipulation of people such as the members of ISIS by the United States and others to achieve their own dark purposes.

A violent, unstable person with guns is a formula for disaster, and that is just what we have in the Orlando events. It was not terror of any description, but it already being exploited as terror to make people fear.

Oh where do we find a statesman capable of words like, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? We have none.


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