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John Chuckman



Yes, it is true about CIA involvement in the creation of the EU, however once or twice in its history the CIA has supported some projects worth supporting.

But that time is long over.

Today, the EU in its relationship with America has moved from ostensibly independent to a complete, and rather servile, dependency.

This is largely a reflection of America’s new fiercely aggressive stance in international affairs under the guidance of the neo-cons.

I have long been a supporter of the EU as a concept, always in the hope of a more diverse, multi-polar world emerging, but America’s abuse of the organization and the organization’s complete lack of thoughtful leadership and independence have given me second thought.

The classical economic arguments for free (actually administered, relatively free) trade still apply.

But all such organizations affect not just economics but also political life, international relations, culture, and social life, and it is reasonable to become against the concept when the total relationship is destructive of these things even while remaining positive economically.

I believe that is the point we are at.

The EU has been reduced to a one-stop-shopping window for America’s warrior diplomats. Recent events with America’s dirty killing games in Ukraine and Syria and the EU’s blind acceptance of them, despite hurting its own interests, provide a turning point or watershed for me.

Forcing German troops to Russia’s border on the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, the most violent event in human history, is insane and immoral. Interfering in the free flow of trade between Europe and Russia also makes everyone poorer in economic terms. And there are the terrible migration consequences of America’s savagery throughout the Middle East, sending millions running for their lives.

And now the US is going to cram TTIP down Europe’s throat, a treaty which reflects largely American corporate interests, so even economic benefits come into question.

Moreover, there is not a single outstanding leader in today’s Europe to stand up for Europe’s own interests and for principled behavior in international affairs.

It would be better now to dissolve it, and perhaps start all over again in future.



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