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John Chuckman



Sorry, but I just do not believe this story.

It smacks of being contrived.

And not every person in government is without fears, anxieties, paranoia, or other less-than-ideal mental states.

There are more than a few “flaky” characters in government, and then there are the ones – Hillary Clinton being a notorious example – who will say or do literally anything to win.

If you want proof of those propositions, just look at the behavior of the man who started this entire gigantic circus going, David Cameron. He really does border on a figure from Monty Python while believing himself the reincarnation of Churchill.

However, even if this story is true, I know this: real killers, madmen like the one who attacked Jo Cox, do not give advanced warnings. They kill on impulse, without exception.

So, whether true or false, this story is pretty much a wad of propaganda aimed at reigniting the influence the Jo Cox murder had on polls.

And since when do sensible people decide the fate of millions owing to the act of single madman?

Voting “remain” because of the Jo Cox murder is simply as mindless as the man who killed her.

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