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John Chuckman



There are, of course, no guarantees, but Trump at least offers possibilities.

With Clinton, you have certainty, certainty of hostilities and aggression generated by her “America (and Israel) first” attitudes.

The woman started as a Barry Goldwater supporter many decades ago, and that’s pretty much the political territory to which she still clings, albeit with minor adjustments.

She is owned, completely owned, by the neo-cons, the same ugly bunch whose members in the State Department recently circulated a call for war on Assad.

The last decade and a half has been a disaster with America sinking, quite literally, to the level of National Socialist Germany in its international affairs.

The country is devoid of ethical or moral purpose, although the same tired platitudes fall off the lips of folks like John Kerry.

America’s overwhelming international purpose today is control, control of Europe, control of Asia, control of the Middle East, etc. It is all quite sickening and very tiresome.

Frankly, I’d take a chance with the devil if he were running.

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