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John Chuckman



Well, you may criticize him all you like since Britain is still a relatively free country.

But since he is right, such critics are only criticizing the truth.

A rather ridiculous position to put yourself in but one we see regularly when anyone criticizes the state of Israel, one of the world’s most law-breaking and unethical states.

I fail to see any distinction between Israel’s two assaults on the virtually defenseless people of Gaza and some of ISIS’s extreme and grotesque acts.

In Gaza, Israel falsely claims an elected government, supported by the people, is a bunch of terrorists who need to be eliminated. ISIS claims its barbarities are to eliminate infidels.

The only difference between these acts is whether you accept their respective reasons for barbarism.

I do not, in either case.

But clearly, some do.

But might makes right in our world, and Israel has the support of the world’s great schoolyard bully, the United States, and enjoys all the supports dependent upon that bully, such as mainline newspapers and American-dependent allies.


Response to another reader comment:

Ridiculous, false comparison, as I’m sure the writer well knows.

Israel is a state, not the Jewish people, no matter what the propaganda slogans say. States are expected to conform to international rules and norms, but Israel blatantly does not.

And no one has “bombed the hell out of” the countries mentioned, such as France and Britain.

A small number of largely unidentified terrorists did commit several atrocities, and we have every reason to suspect some of those incidents were not as the press has mindlessly portrayed them.

Indeed, the toll of those incidents does not even begin to equal just Israel’s two blood-soaked missions into Gaza, let alone all of its other wars, terrors, and assassinations in which the victims are measured in tens of thousands.

And it is pretty hard to beat for brutality keeping millions of people as prisoners for more than half a century, keeping them with no rights and no hope, and Indeed, even regularly openly stealing their homes and farms. I really am not sure that isn’t as terrible as mass killing of innocents because these people are indeed innocents.

It is simply a fact that America has killed about two million in the Middle East over the last fifteen years and created vast armies of refugees.

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