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John Chuckman



I know it’s hard to avoid Turkey, it being a huge neighbor.

But right now the man running Turkey is quite literally insane.

You cannot have rational agreements with a lunatic.

Perhaps behind the scenes Russia has created some pressures other than merely its public economic measures.

The only one I can think of which would have some effect would be assistance to the Kurds.

Erdogan hates them with a passion.

But even then, given the state of his mind, how can you in any way trust him in any agreement?

It is an almost impossible conundrum.

But then Russia has at least two extraordinary men at work, Putin and Lavrov. Perhaps they have found a method, but I’m sure the method reflects extraordinary pressure on this dangerous man.


It can have nothing to do with “making up.”

The man is simply unhinged and will respond only to the kind of pressures to which a baboon would respond.

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