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John Chuckman



Sorry, Trident and national security do not belong in the same sentence.

Again, Trident is a machine you effectively rent from the U.S. so that your naval big shots have an impressive boat in which to ride around and feel “they are in on the action.”

The Pentagon’s side of the deal is to receive an immense, long-term subsidy from the British people.

You cannot ever use Trident. You cannot ever fire a missile that the boat’s true owner, the U.S., does not tell you to fire. Like an Apple watch, which “bricks” when you open it up, you cannot tamper with it in the least.

It simply cannot defend your national interests.

And when and if, the true owner does tell you to fire it will be at Pentagon-allocated targets, and you had darn well better do so, promptly.

And these days, with a vicious American establishment snapping and pushing in all directions of the globe, such orders from Washington are definitely possible.


Response to another reader’s comment:

 We don’t really know, but the nuclear missile submarine technology may already be obsolete.

The Russians and Chinese are actively working on systems to detect and destroy these boats.

And I think they are not likely to give a press conference upon success of the projects.

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