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John Chuckman



I just cannot agree with this assessment.

Actually, conservatism is represented by the EU, an organization whose economic purpose is defined by classical economics and whose political purpose was defined by the CIA, which was key to its beginnings, and by events ensuing from America’s violent policies abroad of recent years.

This piece is just one more tired effort with “little Britain” as the regrettable explanation for Brexit. But it is not.

It may have played a role, but it plays a role then in everything where Britain’s population votes. You don’t invalidate elections of Parliament for that.

You cannot turn this event into Thatcherism or some other ism. That’s nonsense.

Where was very conservative David Cameron on the matter he so ineptly started? Where was very conservative Ms May? Where were conservative people like John Major? Where was conservative Tony Blair? The conservative EU is the answer. Run by conservatives in Germany.

The whole line of argument about “Oh, my, what a pitiful little place we are left with,” being run in various forms by The Independent and The Guardian, is entirely spurious.

Globalization goes on. There’s no stopping it. Just look at the place of manufacture for countless items in your stores. China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.

And look at where your traditional manufacturers do a lot of their work. I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t Sheffield or London.

And immigration – normal immigration, not the war-induced refugee flood created by America’s killing spree in the Mideast and Europe’s failure to challenge America – will continue, and it will increase over time.

Indeed, all advanced nations do not have fertility rates to even replace their population. It’s the result of an economic phenomenon called demographic transition. So, you either have immigration in future or your nation shrinks.

And Britain will continue trading with what it has for what it wants.

All that has happened is that a particular administered arrangement has collapsed, much like a badly-designed business deal.

It is entirely possible that a new one will appear in future as many EU states are tired of current arrangements. It also entirely possible to arrange still others. Just use your imagination. How about Russia’s resources and Britain’s industry? How about China? India?

The EU itself has failed. Ms Merkel’s leadership, despite her intellectual gifts, has been a terrible failure and plays a direct role in what has happened and what will happen.

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