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John Chuckman



Response to a comment from another reader who said:

 “J. Michael Springmann, the former chief of the visa section at the US consulate in Jeddah (where 15 of the hijackers got their visas), has testified that his denial of visas to potential terrorists was repeatedly countermanded by the CIA station chief there.”


Yes, I am aware of this, and it is one of the most important tidbits of information we have on the events around 9/11.

I very much believe that the CIA (with Israel, who had a number of agents in two groups working in the US at the time) was running a special operation of which we have never been advised.

Something backfired, I don’t know just what, and 9/11 happened.

Rather a classic case of what security services call “blowback.”

We’ll likely never learn the truth, especially since the truth would tend to implicate CIA and Mossad with the general public, and I guarantee the 28-pager from the Congressional Committee will do little to enlighten us.

After all, just look at the congressmen supporting its release.

These are not people searching for truth but people looking for someone to vaguely blame so America’s professional class of victims finally gets off their backs.

The only revelation of the 28 pages is likely about the Saudis’ financial support for bin Laden.

But we already knew about this from Anthony Summers’ book about 9/11.

Besides, the Saudis were only paying bin Laden to keep him out of their hair. They were not commissioning terror.

And yet again, we have never had an ounce of proof of bin Laden’s guilt. Everyone just takes it for granted because it has been repeated a million times by the CIA’s loyal associates in the American press.

So, we know as little as ever, and are quite unlikely to learn the truth.

Just as is the case with the assassination of John Kennedy – almost certainly the work of CIA Cuban refugee terrorist-associates at the time – or the destruction of TWA Flight 800 – which all reliable evidence, including eyewitnesses, strongly suggests was brought down by the accidental release of an anti-aircraft missile by a US Navy ship in the area.


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