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John Chuckman



These are just the kinds of things people with unchecked power do.

The networks are under no obligation to be fair or objective.

And we should not be in the least surprised by this behavior because if you look critically at the regular reportage by the networks, you see the same kind of practices day-in and day-out.

The networks are themselves part and parcel of the corporate establishment and special interests for whom the entire efforts of the Frankenstein military and security complex work.

America’s government has surprisingly little to do with actually governing Americans and especially in looking out for fairness in domestic affairs.

Its major focus is in trying to govern the globe for the interests of that corporate and special interest establishment. And to that end, it actually quietly represses Americans who might interfere.

The very notion in America of heroic journalism or the press as a fourth estate as tribunes of the people are actually rather bitter jokes when compared to the daily realities.

A CIA man once famously bragged about how he would turn to his mighty Wurlitzer organ to get a story “out there,” the keys of the Wurlitzer being all the publications, journalists, and editors who cooperated immediately when prompted.

In the end, as a famous man once said, you only have freedom of the press if you own one.


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