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John Chuckman



Oh my, how surprising!

And just shortly after her husband barged in on the Attorney General (who is the FBI Director’s direct boss) for a secret, unscheduled, utterly inappropriate, half-hour meeting.

By the way, the Attorney General lives just two floors away in the same building as Hillary’s national campaign headquarters and she was appointed by Obama who is out campaigning for Hillary, using facilities like Air Force One for private party business.

Hillary broke a number of laws in this business (over and above other matters, ignored, such as corrupt practices in the huge Clinton Foundation).

It just could not be clearer. Federal laws on the use of computers by officials are not ambiguous.

But she gets to prance on, smiling and waving, much like Tony Blair, two of the most corrupt people ever to hold office.

Well, just as in 1750, there is a set of laws for you and me and another set for the powerful and well connected.


By the way, readers may enjoy this on the FBI’s distinguished record of achievement:

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