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John Chuckman



Yes, of course, although even America’s Afghanistan attack was dubious, the UN having been browbeaten by the American administration after the attack which had horrified so many.

But Iraq was not merely a mistaken turn. It was quite simply what Israel wanted, and it lobbied for it as only Israel can. Everyone from its prime minister to that self-proclaimed man of peace, Elie Wiesel, directly lobbied for an invasion of Iraq. There was a chorus.

And Bush and his key people were highly attentive to what Israel wanted.

The invasion was never about WMD or oil, as was often said at the time.

It was about Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East, which is often given the misnomer, security.

Blair was a virtual acolyte of Israel and its leaders, so he did not take any pushing. An important strategy of his “New Labour Party” was an approach to the British Jewish community for more support, especially financial, the Conservatives traditionally receiving much of it because governments in Israel are unfriendly to progressive or genuinely liberal governments in the West.

Supporting the smashing of Iraq was Blair’s beau geste to those of the Jewish community in Britain who are intense supporters of Israel. Britain’s Jewish community is rather smaller than in some countries, as in the US, but it includes some immensely powerful world financial and business figures.

Well, Blair succeeded in his own terms handsomely, even earning himself a one-million dollar Israel “Peace Prize” for his efforts.

I doubt he was capable of acting otherwise than he did under the circumstances. He is a man destroyed by his own ambition and complete lack of ethics.

He now has been left by Chilcot to take virtually all the blame and shame for unjustified mass murder, and he deserves a great deal of it, but Iraq was a dirty deal for mass killing that involved more than Blair or Bush.

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