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John Chuckman



He may well be a “good guy,” but Trump absolutely needs to pick a woman.

It would be a major error not to do so.

Trump must offset, to the degree he can, the vague fear some voters undoubtedly harbor that in voting against Hillary they vote against a woman running for high office.

Hillary and her associates will be playing on this fear for all they are worth.

With the threatening international situation, this may be the most important American election of my lifetime.

Hillary just could not be a more soulless creature of the neo-cons, and she will bring even more ugliness to a bad international situation. She will not oppose the awful people in the military-security complex, she will embrace them wholeheartedly.

Trump is no hero, but he says some important things right and is willing to talk, and, what is extremely important, he has the personal strength and experience to deal with the bullies at the Pentagon and CIA. Likely no one else could deal well with them.

We’ve seen Obama, and he has been a disaster at dealing with the government within the government. I’m convinced they are running things, not him.

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