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John Chuckman



Many making comments here show no understanding of the way political systems work.

Picking a candidate resembles buying a product in a number of ways.

There is a principle in economics called “bundling.”

This says that with some goods or services, you must buy a bundle of qualities or disparate things to get what you want.

People who assemble record collections of great hits or top hits use this principle to increase record sales.

No one album put up for sale will have everything that each buyer wants.

To get certain songs, you must buy more than one album.

It is much the same with politicians.

You need to focus on one or a few attributes you greatly want.

The rest come with “the bundle,” whether you want them or not, and this holds for every candidate.

Trump represents some serious re-thinking in international affairs, and for this old boy who hates war and neo-cons and re-shaping the planet in America’s image, that is immensely important.

Hillary, by contrast, is a life-long supporter of killing and pushing people around – from Waco and Serbia to Iraq and Libya.

The woman has the same kind of blood on her hands as Tony Blair.

Only Trump has indicated his preference for new directions, and only Trump has the strength and resources to stand up against the monsters in the State Department (neo-cons like Victoria Nuland, a best buddy of Hillary’s), Pentagon, and CIA. He may, like Kennedy, die in the effort, but he will make an effort.

As far as stuff like walls and selected migration, an American president requires the consent of Congress, and I believe he will not get it.

But we should keep in mind that walls everywhere are going up. In Austria. At Calais. Even the White House fence is being raised. And all over the place in Israel. So there’s nothing special about Trump’s view.

Keep your eye on the ball, as they say in America, and don’t drift off with slogans and empty rhetoric.

You get a bit of needful change with Trump. You get more stupid war and killing with Hillary, and that’s quite apart from her unbelievable corruption.

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