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John Chuckman




“Russia may well be meddling in the US election. Why wouldn’t it?’


Just completely transparent propaganda, Mary Dejevsky.

In effect, you are supporting the crooked behaviors of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (by the way, who was just hired by Hillary’s campaign after resigning in disgrace as DNC Chairperson) and Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt candidate in memory, by switching subjects, and indeed supporting the very line of attack Hillary’s people now have taken.

A little concern over this troubling anti-democratic behavior might better be in order.

First, Putin is too wise a man to get himself in the mess of American politics.

As an old senior intelligence officer, he is well aware how easily such a thing could go wrong, creating what intelligence services call “blowback.”

There was plenty of motive here for others to act, and there are a lot of skillful hackers on the planet, or didn’t you know? Gluccifer from Romania gave us Clinton’s State Department stuff she so carelessly left available, having broken half a dozen laws in the process.

By all accounts, Russia had that information, too, but declined to use it and get involved. An unknown named Gluccifer 2 is responsible for the DNC hack. And by the way, the DNC was hacked many times. It even complained about it publicly at one point.

Second, a very clever man with computers, Edward Snowden, has just said, and he should know, that it’s entirely possible to find out easily who hacked the DNC. He names a special facility which he used once to confirm a Chinese hack.

I haven’t heard any claims or evidence from the FBI or NSA along those lines, have you?

But, no, we journalists just go ahead, making new, unproved charges and innuendos, don’t we?

Charges which just happen to cast a shadow of foreign conspiracy on Trump, which is a cheap and unethical trick in my view and which effectively support Hillary, the direct beneficiary of all this terrible behavior in the first place.

Of course, Putin would have a preferred candidate, as he is entitled to have, but that is a zero argument for Russia’s involvement.



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