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John Chuckman



Response to another reader’s comment:

“What have you [Trump] done over the past 8 years?

Besides instilling the fear, mass hysteria and the paranoia of a dictator, what does Trump stand for?”


Instilling fear?

That’s all Obama has done in the world.

It’s been kill, kill, kill in half a dozen lands.

He’s the first president to have an organized system for extrajudicial murders around the world, too.

The economic growth in America reflects only non-stop money-creation, something that very much is going to catch up.

Not one real problem in the financial sector, the sector causing the 2008 crash, has been corrected by Obama. There has been no reform of any kind.

Obamacare is pretty much a disaster, slowing crumbling as insurance groups formed to serve it, leave the business. It was an abortion of a creation, an ugly compromise between those wanted some system for healthcare in the US and massive private interests grabbing for all the money they could get out of it. Obama showed little leadership and settled for third-best.

America’s racial divide today is worse than any time I can remember.

And America’s violence and meanness on the streets is appalling when you know the facts.

The very rise of Hillary is a reflection of fundamental decay. It’s been a record set of corrupt primaries.

Her record against Bernie represents the most corrupt effort in modern American primaries.

A million ballots destroyed in California. Hundreds of thousands of likely Bernie supporters removed from the rolls and unable to vote in New York. Voters in Arizona sent to the wrong place and no ballots at some polls.

We now know from a huge Wiki-leaks release that the DNC, under Deborah Wasserman Schultz, a friend and fanatic supporter as chairperson, was plotting before the primaries began.

Only someone blindly quoting official Democratic Party talking points could write what you have.

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