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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump has ‘black soul’, says father of fallen Muslim US soldier”

Cheap, exploitative political tricks don’t come much shabbier than this, but then we are dealing with Hillary’s corrupt crowd.

It’s an attack of the lowest kind, and it deserves answering.

I love that press use of “fallen,” too, sort of a way to elevate things to the level of a war memorial engraving.

The soldier was killed, full stop.

And he was killed in an illegal war of aggression.

He was a professional soldier, the only kind the US uses after the fiasco in Vietnam, paid and trained to kill, not some innocent babe.

He was not defending anyone and certainly not the United States.

He was attacking a country that never lifted a finger against the United states.

And Hillary Clinton voted to start that horrible war, which in total, now with all the terrible aftermath, has killed around a million Iraqis, sent millions running from their homes (Syria took most of them – how terrible man that Assad is), and set back the lives of everyone for a generation in what had been the Arab world’s most advanced country, leaving many for years with no drinkable water and no electricity.

Mighty fine accomplishment, one that I’m sure Hillary is proud of.

The United States now has tried doing the same thing to Syria with proxy thugs and mercenaries instead of its own soldiers. It’s done a lot of killing there, too, and almost destabilized Europe with the volume of refugees running for their lives, but so far they’ve failed to destroy one of the Mideast’s reasonable, independent-minded rulers.

The ugly woman for whom the parents are shilling, Hillary, has already promised to go after Assad for still more war and terror and death for everyone.

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