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John Chuckman



Of course she would go after Assad.

Just as she went after Qaddafi, a decent leader in Libya who was toppled and murdered, although she managed to screw that effort up pretty badly.

Assad is supported by Syria’s public, and he is an independent-minded leader who offers religious freedom to all groups.

Israel, which does not itself even have true religious freedom, hates him, so, according to a neo-con servant like Hillary, he has to go.

Since when does the U.S. claim the right to decide who governs countries thousands of miles away, countries doing it no harm? It’s simply arrogance beyond understanding.

American policies have already caused great harm in beautiful Syria and sent millions fleeing for their lives, almost destabilizing Europe.

But that’s not enough for this brute. There’ll be more death.

Hillary is also on record as threatening literally to “obliterate” Iran.

That’s quite a fascist statement about an ancient land which attacks no one. Of course, it just happens to be hated by Israel’s government.

The woman resembles a pet pit bull ready to tear the throat out of anyone her master doesn’t like.

She is sick and corrupt and dangerous.

You want more war and mass killing, you support this woman with absolutely zero ethics.


Response to another reader’s comment:

You have things quite wrong.

America hasn’t taken sides in Syria, and it most certainly is not a civil war.

America deliberately created this horror we see with some help from friends.

What do you think Hillary was doing in Benghazi when the American Ambassador was killed?

They were running a covert weapons and willing-thug collection business in the ashes of the Libya they helped destroy.

The weapons and thugs collected were sent to Turkey for transshipment to poor Syria, most expenses, such as the thugs’ salaries and supplies, being paid by absolute monarchs of Saudi Arabia.

But the covert operation went sour, as does happen in such operations, and the Ambassador and others were murdered by some thugs who preferred the target before them, the Ambassador, to anything being promised in Syria. Why else do you think she never wants to talk about the whole dirty business in which she was intimately involved?


 Response to another reader’s comment:

The Sarin gas almost certainly came from her Benghazi operations, parts of murdered Qaddafi’s stockpiles.

Small quantities were shipped to Turkey to be transshipped into Syria where it was really used – in a certifiable war crime – on civilians in an effort to create a reason for Obama to start bombing Assad just as he had previously done to Qaddafi. Remember Obama’s crap about “crossing a red line”? Only here the U.S. not only was the one setting a “red line,” it was the one, through its cutthroat mercenaries, crossing it. Only Putin’s masterful diplomacy saved the day.

Here is a woman responsible for war crimes threatening more war. Just sick.

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