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John Chuckman



(Reference Nick Cohen article today, where, as is virtually normal in his case, readers are not allowed to comment.)


“Extremism thrives because of cowardly collaborators

Well, it doesn’t come much trashier than what you’ve written, M.r Cohen.


Isn’t that a trifle pejorative? Of course, it is, as you meant it to be. Suggestive of WWII Nazi stuff, no less.


Well, what is more cowardly than calling people names, as you do, and allowing no response? Afraid of what you’d hear?


Oh, I suppose you mean a 69-year old entrepreneur who has made about 8 billion dollars doing hard-nosed, traditional business deals, the kind of activity on which America was built.

Sure sounds like an extremist to me.

Of course, he is against the kind of American imperial overreach which the neo-cons have pushed the U.S. into, wars everywhere, but I hardly think that can be called” extremism.” “Sensible” is more like it, unless you are a war-monger like Hillary.

And the “extremism” is “thriving,” no less.

What does that mean anyway? That Trump is gaining in the polls in a democratic contest? Why does that so bother you?

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