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John Chuckman



“Russian news may be biased – but so is much western media”


Is that intended as a joke?

No one has a monopoly on bias.

And you write this in a paper which displays daily bias in virtually every real news story it runs and certainly every editorial, whether in domestic politics or foreign affairs – from Jeremy Corbyn to Brexit, from Syria to Russia, and on and on.

Right now, it’s on a Trump is bad- Hillary is good nonstop orgy.

The only things which save the front page from screaming top-to-bottom bias are all those fluffy, harmless news stories and features about topics from left-handedness to cooking, but maybe those too are biased too if you go through them.

You live in a dreamworld if you believe Russia is one whit different to The Guardian or The Independent. And Murdoch papers? Enough said.

As far as papers like The New York Times and Washington Post, they are literally, as some clever fellow once said of the Times, house organs of American Empire, virtually vetted by CIA and frequently caught with agents on staff, but polished enough to make the minions of empire feel as though they are being informed.

The Times has even finally admitted it passes all stories on Israel’s region and affairs through Israeli censors before publication.


Response to a comment about many people seeing through the bias:

That is true, I’m sure.

The Soviet people had a saying, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.” I’m sure the attitude towards official publications was similar.

I don’t know who our press thinks that it’s fooling. Perhaps it just sees its job as pleasing senior politicians, which I’m sure it does.

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