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John Chuckman



This has long been a suspicion.

There are gaps in his resume.

He came to the big stage from out of nowhere.

The CIA has few blacks in serious jobs, so a promising one would be a likely acquisition.

There is no question Bush pere was lifelong CIA. They don’t name the headquarters for you because you do one stint as Director. His name also came up in relation to Cuban gun running in the early 1960s. There is one obscure FBI memo we have mentioning Mr. George Bush of the CIA.

The CIA has long had the practice of giving secret pensions to promising foreign leaders, putting them into its pocket at an early stage of their careers.

The CIA does the same with promising up-and-coming companies in the US. I’m convinced this is the case for Google, a company which has exploded onto the scene and entered many technologies unrelated to its original work. I think Facebook too is likely one.

So why not American politicians, too? If a “made” guy becomes President, you have a powerful hold on him. Certainly Obama’s main policies abroad have caused no grief to the CIA.

The dangers of all this are easy to see.

Which is a mighty good argument for smashing the largely unaccountable CIA to pieces, but I can’t see that happening any time soon. America’s establishment is highly dependent upon it today, or at least believes that it is.

America already is hardly a democracy. These guys with unlimited resources are working hard to see that it never does become one.

Institutions and practices set up in the late 18th century must look pretty silly to the big boys at outfits like the CIA and NSA and the Pentagon with god-like perspective and their vast array of intrusive technologies and unlimited flow of funds. One can easily see them believing that it all needs some quiet guiding along.

The rampage across the Middle East under Obama seems to have been custom-tailored by someone. He just implemented it. So too extrajudicial drone killings.

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