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John Chuckman



Press freedom?

Pretty much self-congratulatory and self-serving stuff.

Just where do you see that? While the press in Britain and America is free of obvious government restraint, the situation really is almost a technicality.

The interests, largely corporate, which own or manage every newspaper, including this one, are completely loyal to government and its major interests. You will not find an exception.

And why is that? Because you could not run a newspaper without government contacts, government leaks and favors and other cooperation plus advertising from corporate interests who would never patronize newspapers which worked against government policy. Plus, there are the always-present special interests at work on the owners and/or managers.

A very wise man once said that only way to have freedom of the press was to own one, and he was completely right.


An added thought.

Do you reckon it was press freedom that was going after Jeremy Corbyn’s jugular for months? And still works actively towards his demise today, though somewhat less viciously than earlier?

Was it press freedom that didn’t tell the public of Tony Blair’s many lies and distortions?

Or that today is it press freedom that works around the clock trying to sell grim Hillary, the most corrupt candidate for American President in memory, but who is is the clear choice of the American establishment and the war-mongering neocons who so influence it today?

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