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John Chuckman



Clinton says that Trump ‘appealing to the most ugly impulses in our society’

Pretty ridiculous statement when you consider Hillary is the blood-drenched neo-cons’ official candidate.

In some genuine news today, Donald Trump made the following statement.

“Hillary Clinton and President Obama bear the direct responsibility of destabilizing the Middle East, having let ISIS take firm hold in Iraq, Libya and Syria, not to mention their allowing Americans to be slaughtered at Benghazi.”

There were no truer words spoken anywhere in weeks.

The very fact that Trump understands this and is willing to address it is why he is so hated by the American establishment and its servants, the press, including pretty clearly the British press.

The American establishment has been married to the neo-con wars for 15 years.

Something on the order of 2 million having been killed in this vicious rampage – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and others – and many, many millions driven from their homes to become refugees.

It is directly responsible for what we call international terror, as young men – as young men everywhere always do when confronted by such hideous events against their own kind – fight to defend or to seek revenge.

And it is directly responsible for the ruined lives of refugees and the near-destabilization of Europe.

This is, in fact, the great horror story of the decade, and the mainline press pretty well ignores it except for reprinting uninformative Pentagon or CIA press releases.

And Hillary Clinton, quite active in a good deal of this bloodshed, is the candidate of the American establishment and its neo-con advocates for war and extrajudicial killing because she is ready and willing to carry right on.


Response to another reader’s comment:

Good point.

She also has a number of other real failures in her background, indicating maybe she’s not quite as sharp as she and her friends think she is.

She failed her bar exam, later moving to Arkansas to pass what was likely an easier one in a rural place.

She was fired with cause in her first significant job as a Watergate staffer, the man who fired her still keeps his note book recording the details from the time.

And of course there is a long list of other Hillary behaviors involving lying and unethical conduct.

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