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John Chuckman



Could someone please explain why a self-styled progressive paper runs a big item at the top of the page about John McCain, that is, other than its containing an attack on Trump?

The shabby controversies of this man’s life are too many to recite, but they start with a long reputation as a nasty brat, not quite bright enough to make it on his own, who always used the fact that both his father and grandfather were senior admirals to intimidate people above him in school and in the service, and they extend to the testimony of fellow prisoners in Vietnam that he talked to his captors, who were well aware of his father’s identity, and definitely received special treatment from them.

There’s also the lovely story of his return from Vietnam to find his poor wife had been disfigured in a car accident. He promptly divorced her and married Cindy, a woman worth several hundred million.

Now, Cindy, as it turned out, in her rich matron charitable work was a drug addict (all on the public record) who stole drugs from her charity. She was caught and faced serious penalties, but the moralistic Mr McCain intervened and got her off with a slap on the wrist. But of course he has always favored the most brutal measures for those found using or dealing drugs.

McCain’s life was saved by a poor Vietnamese peasant who pulled him out of the lake where his plane crashed after being shot down while bombing civilian targets around Hanoi. While McCain thanked the man with words, this rich brat never did a thing to improve the life of the man who saved his.

These are just a few of the many stories found in John McCain’s life. Of course, everyone surely knows of his corrupt taking of money from the corrupt president of a financial institution who himself went to prison.

And I’m pretty sure everyone knows about his many intrusions into American foreign policy, always of course on the side of war and aggression.

By the way, it is easy enough to find on the Internet a photo of Mr. McCain with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, and some of his associates. We don’t know what he was doing, but we can be sure it was dirty stuff.

So this man is simply an outstanding witness to speak against Trump, isn’t he?

Nothing but the most extreme bias against Trump explains this article being in The Guardian. The bias really does concern, I am sure, Trump’s refreshing views on world affairs and America’s endless wars. Because The Guardian’s editorials and several of its featured columnists defend that kind of neo-con activity all the time and the paper still worships the ground on which war criminal, Tony Blair, walks. And that is the arena, neo-con wars, in which John McCain is up to his armpits, American imperialist extraordinary.

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