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John Chuckman



Well, Erdogan’s wish is Turkey’s command.

While I totally oppose the death penalty, it is simply a fact that it remains common in much of the world, and especially in matters such as coups and treason. Those attempting to overthrow a government always take that risk.

And, of course, the United States, hardly a semi-backward place like Turkey, uses the death penalty regularly for many crimes.

And I guarantee the United States would use it for this kind of matter. It cannot be doubted.

So, I am not sure this is a remarkable development in Turkey.

Of course, Europe, in its concern over the death penalty, might long ago have said or done something about America’s murderous policies in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and other places, where it has slaughtered perhaps two million.

And I do think extrajudicial killing by drones and missiles even more repulsive than a judicially-governed death penalty.

Please remember that the next time you see an image of Obama’s big smile or hear his baritone voice addressing some concept or other of justice or democracy.

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