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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump is not a messiah, he’s a very naughty four-year-old boy – and that’s how Hillary should treat him”

Mr Norman exceeds his past journalistic achievements here, and I think by a remarkable measure.

No one, absolutely no one, has ever referred to Mr Trump as “a messiah.”

Now, I’m sure Mr Norman, in his lucid moments, knows that, but he just couldn’t resist using a ridiculous word which sets up both a straw-man argument and serves as a cheap put-down.

Ever hear of dealing with issues, Mr Norman?

And while we’re speaking of issues (me) and naughtiness (you), how about the horrible record of this grim woman?

She almost certainly is the most corrupt person ever to run for the American presidency.

And she has spent her entire career supporting and promoting bloodshed.

She even managed some it herself while Secretary of State, and wasn’t that a happy result at Benghazi?

Of course, what Benghazi was really about, and why she never likes to speak of it, was a covert program to collect weapons and recruit scum to be sent to Turkey for transshipment into Syria.

She botched that event, getting an ambassador murdered, but she kept right on with the program of death and destruction.

Her purpose in Syria? To topple a legitimate and fairly decent government in a peaceful country, in the process killing 300,000 people so far and sending millions running for their lives as refugees, almost de-stabilizing Europe.

That’s quite an achievement, don’t you think, Mr Norman?

And yours is quite a humane perspective: a few gaffs are appalling, but a human bloodbath isn’t even to be discussed.

Hillary is the candidate of death, and you are a fervent supporter.

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