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John Chuckman



Well, you are entitled to do silly things in America.

It is one of the few freedoms left undamaged.

Of course, what the money backing this clown hopes is that he’ll take a big enough sliver of conservative vote from Trump to hurt him vis-a-vis Clinton.

Not a chance. Trump has a genuine message, not just a “I wanna be President” refrain.

Plus, and this is important, I think we all will be surprised by the number of Democrats and Independents voting for Trump.

This announcement of a new tactic does signal some apprehension over in the ranks of grim Hillary’s supporters I think.

The major media in America have clearly been tweaking their polls lately to give Hillary a semblance of winning. It’s a very easy thing to do by slightly changing a word in a question or changing the category divisions.

That may sound extreme to some, but just look at your own British papers virtually daily manufacturing stories to attack Trump.

The people backing Hillary have huge resources at their disposal, and they have what they regard as a solemn cause in remaking the entire face of a major region of the world, no matter how many deaths are involved.

McMullin’s CIA connection stands out here rather strongly. These are the folks engineering the deaths of so many. They are in charge of the drone extrajudicial-killing program for example. And they play a big role in all the death in Syria and Libya and Iraq, and, interestingly, they support Hillary.


Response to another reader comment about independent candidates often running:

 This is true. Folks like Harold Stassen, the Vegetarian Party, the Green Party, and many other mavericks run.

However, it is extremely difficult to get on the ballots in all fifty states. The system is designed that way by and for the existing political duopoly.

With this clown’s connections, though, he may just mysteriously appear.

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