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John Chuckman



Just a lovely human being, altogether, is our Michael Morell, advocate for murder in Syria and for Hillary Clinton in America.

It is amazing that there is no shame in talking about such things in America today, as this man did on a television interview show.

I have always maintained that America – and I grew up there – is an exceptionally violent society, but in the last 15 years it has bubbled to the top, so to speak, in international affairs.

A whole terrible trail of wars, a formal system of extrajudicial killing, open talk of removing leaders, and many stupid coups.

And the smiling man with the baritone voice who was mistakenly given a Peace Prize happily presides over all of it, looking for all the world like a grinning boy.

And, of course the smiling boy’s choice to succeed him, as well as the choice of this filthy-mouthed killer from CIA, is Hillary Clinton.

She is, without exception, the most corrupt and bloody candidate ever to run.

We can only hope some reason prevails with Donald Trump, a man who makes some mistakes with his mouth but whose basic drives and instincts are fairly clear and reasonable.

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