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John Chuckman



“How did the Labour Party get to its worst state in 85 years?”

 The answer is simple.

Tony Blair and his acolytes.

And the press, especially The Guardian and The Independent, with full-time campaigns against Corbyn from his first day as leader.

Labour – with all the great stupidities and errors of David Cameron – was going to be in a strong position either to win or at least finish strongly.

But the establishment was having none of that, and it has now reduced the Labour Party to a shambles.

The press played an important part in the whole dirty business, especially with that hideous witch hunt for non-existent anti-Semitism that was relentlessly carried on for a long time.

Now, it has been giving plenty of publicity to Corbyn’s several mediocre opponents, building them up as something they are not. And it never misses a trivial story that can make a negative headline with Corbyn’s name in it.

And now, daily, they play the same nasty, calculated game with Trump, another anti-establishment figure of considerable popularity.

Does any naive person still believe we have a free and fair press or that impartial journalism is alive and well?

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