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John Chuckman



Clearly, he was being sarcastic in using the word “founder.”

One shouldn’t even have to remind the presumably intelligent people creating a newspaper.

But sarcasm is only effective when it revolves around a truth.

And what is very much the truth here is that Hillary and Obama were up to their armpits with ISIS.

And so, to a lesser extent, was David Cameron, always the slavishly loyal supporter of America’s dark and murderous policies.

It always struck me as bitterly funny when someone like Cameron would rise to express his horror at the publicity stunts of this scum whose entire purpose was: one, to drive out the previous leader of Iraq, someone the US (and Israel) hated; and, two, to topple Assad, someone the US (and Israel) also hate.

They succeeded in their first objective, their bloody public excesses so scaring the leader of Iraq he fled office. Up to that point, ISIS could easily have been stopped and crushed by Iraqi tanks versus ISIS’s Japanese pick-up trucks, but no one ever tried, and there’s a good reason for that.

Iraq’s Army running from ISIS, as it did, leaving behind tanks and artillery, was a planned stunt to equip ISIS, the Iraqi forces being secretly paid off with cash from Saudi Arabia and Oman (both ISIS supporters).

So, after making Iraq’s unwanted leader run, ISIS could re-turn to Syria with a serious challenge, not just Japanese pick-up trucks and AK-47s, plus the psychological force of having toppled a government.

But the huge adverse publicity their stage play of beheadings and other atrocities generated caused folks like Cameron and Obama to state their distaste, and they started token, phony air wars against ISIS, much of which actually supported them vis-a-vis Syria, as by destroying infrastructure.

ISIS simply grew beyond control, as tends to happen when you employ mercenary scum and insane fanatics and supply them with serious weapons.

Now, the US really is engaged in a limited fight against them, at least in Iraq and perhaps parts of Syria.

But they have no interest in eliminating ISIS and its scum allies like al-Nusra because they continue to work towards the objective of eliminating Assad’s legitimate government.

Otherwise, the U.S. would fully cooperate with the Russians in Syria by giving them intelligence for their genuine and effective bombing campaign, something which Obama’s government steadfastly has refused to do behind the scenes.


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