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John Chuckman



Anyone familiar with American “think tanks” knows how to regard this assessment.

Think tanks in America, virtually all funded by billionaires or with covert CIA funds, serve a couple of purposes.

They are places to give positions to individuals who have served the establishment’s cause well, kind of pseudo-university campuses where such people can be appointed as “Senior Fellow” or “Distinguished Something or Other,” in an effort to boost the credibility of what they continue to write.

Virtually all American think tanks are glorified propaganda mills intended to be treated as serious, independent intellectual institutions, ones turning out academic-quality papers and analysis.

It is a good gimmick or a number of American billionaires and the CIA (undoubtedly through covert channels, not directly) would stop funding them.

Newspapers and magazines often quote from their publications since its free seemingly-high quality material obtained for free. So too television commentators.

Thus think tanks are, and I think this applies to virtually all of them, a portion of what a former CIA propaganda expert described years ago his “mighty Wurlitzer Organ,” at which, he explained, he would sit and bang on the keys “to get a story out there” – that is, out there in the legitimate press where it passed for real information.

The Turkey-Russia rapprochement is one of the more consequential events of recent times, having the potential to be what Americans call “a game changer.”

So, of course, Stratfor’s assignment is to minimize the public impact of these events. It is also to magically alter the perception of American intelligence in this case from the blunderers they surely are to ultra-clever heroes – all absolute rubbish.




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