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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump’s Achilles heel is that he is truly un-American”


Well, you would have a very hard time coming up with a more ridiculous accusation than that, Jonathan Freedland.

This suggests that you really have scraped the bottom of the barrel in coming up with new accusations to hurl at him.

Truly, this is pure cloud-cuckoo-land, or as they’d more likely say in America, crap.

Trump is as American as it gets, and you may take that from someone who grew up there and lived there a significant portion of his life.

The man made a huge fortune with hard-nosed deals and determination.

He puts his names on buildings in many cities, the kind of brash self-advertising Americans know and appreciate.

He is loud-mouthed and opinionated, as are so very many of his countrymen.

He displays a rather intense degree of patriotism, which in America is the official civic religion.

Whether you agree with him or not, he communicates deep sincerity in what he says, again a not-uncommon American trait.

And he really is concerned about what America has been doing in the world, as are so many Americans.

Going by recent academic analysis and my own sense of all the vote fraud and suppression and National Committee favoritism, Bernie Sanders actually won the Democratic primaries.

So I do think the American voter has already spoken, as it were.

Hillary is the most corrupt person I can recall ever running, and Americans don’t like corruption when it is so obvious that there’s a smell in the room.

Attendance at her rallies is small and polls of trust always show her ranking low, despite the immense efforts of the establishment press to sell her brand, just as you are doing here.

And there is every reason to suspect recent published polls by news organizations have been tweaked, a very easy thing to do, polling being as much art as science.

Further, Trump’s economic policies will appeal strongly to many working-class Americans. In some ways, they very much resemble what you’d see from a Democrat in the 1960s.

Together with the Bernie supporters, furious at being cheated, plus his own special constituency, he is going to win and win big.


Response to another reader’s comment:

Foolish comment. You select the trivial on which to comment, and then you are wrong in fact.

It IS Trump’s hair.

He had a hair transplant years ago as his hair went thin.

However, hair transplants only give you a new hairline, most recipients choosing to fill in behind with a special toupee. Trump prefers to grow his long and comb it back.

A hairpiece behind is what Joe Biden does, who, by the way, also had a transplant decades ago.

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