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John Chuckman



“Fairness and balance falters before Trump in the US media”

You have that much right.

But look to the publication you’re running in as well as other British papers such as The Independent.

Bias, bias, bias, everywhere in the press about Trump. So overwhelming, it’s almost beyond endurance for a fair-minded person.

I am one of those people who regard fairness and facts as the mother’s milk of civilization. And I see and hear them nowhere.

It would be fine if there were genuinely negative things about Trump to report, but it is not fine to literally manufacture stuff daily, some of it close to lunacy as one writer in The Guardian writing that Trump was “too un-American.”

At the same time, Hillary Clinton’s acts before our eyes are appalling, such as vote fraud and voter suppression against Bernie Sanders or groveling for money from the most terrible special interests, and the establishment press doesn’t even mention them.

Her history is even more appalling, but you would only know about it if you read independent-minded people and publications on the Internet, judging as the great I.F. Stone advocated by comparing critically, effectively cross-examining resources, and approaching something resembling the truth.

And then we have the outright prejudiced attacks, as in the witch hunt over non-existant anti-Semitism and Jeremy Corbyn – likely qualifying, in my view, as the most disgraceful “yellow journalism” I’ve ever seen outside the old USSR or America’s old Hearst papers.

Maybe, it all derives from the press treatment of, and involvement with, the Neocon Wars, a terrible trail of blood which has not once been honestly reported on by the mainline press, cozying up to ugly American government policy and working to give it a benign face.

Well, there is nothing benign about killing maybe two million people, destroying several societies, and sending millions running for their lives as refugees, and in the end threatening the very stability of Europe.

I suspect the common thread in the treatment of Corbyn and Trump is to be found there. Whether left or right, they are not people to just carry on with the slaughter, smiling as Obama does.

And the other side of the coin is that Hillary exactly and precisely the person to carry on with the slaughter. The insiders and establishment love her, so the press doggedly embraces and defends her.

Well, in the end, you are either a journalist or a propagandist, a legitimate news publication or an insider’s house organ.

You cannot have it both ways.

The press, both in Britain and America, is absolutely squandering any reserves of goodwill and trust with the public, just as our political establishment has already done.


Response to another reader’s comment:

But we do not have a true democracy, either in Britain or in America.

It’s been clear for years, but recent events are branding it into our brains.


Response to another reader’s comment:

 BBC was torn apart by Tony Blair for even daring to suggest some truths about events around the invasion of Iraq.

It has never recovered, and I believe government will not allow it to do so.


Response to another reader’s comment:

In a democracy, there are no bad decisions, so long as they are arrived at democratically.

Your very way of putting things points to an underlying belief in authority and deciding right and wrong.

That’s religion, not politics, and certainly not democratic politics.

And sadly, it is the prevailing view of the establishment and its press.

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