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John Chuckman



This is very sorry propaganda, and I am sorry to have to say so.

No one is coming to your rescue?

The Syrian Army and Russia are for sure, but they can’t work miracles.

And who is responsible for this horror – absolute horror – in the beautiful country of Syria? The same country which exploited the recent cease-fire to re-supply terrorists and add to their ranks. Russian intelligence has given us hard numbers for what America was busy doing during the recent “cease fire.” It includes about 7,000 new terrorists inserted and tons of weapons supplied.

The United States and Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey, plus other “willing helpers” in the filthy work such as Oman (money for terrorists and weapons), Britain (weapons and other assistance), and France (weapons and other assistance).

I should also mention an important country like Germany which has never raised its voice against the atrocious American policy, thinking only it is doing some good accepting large numbers of refugees America and its assistants have created, in the process hurting its own people. It has been an absolute abdication of responsibility by a major country.

And week-in and week-out for years, newspapers like The Guardian’s only response has been articles like this. That’s not progressive, that’s not liberal, it’s a sham concern for what was a completely preventable set of events.

America’s rampage through the Middle East – in Syria using proxies rather than sending in “the boyz” – is the greatest moral and ethical shame of our time.

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