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John Chuckman



Sarkozy is looking for support from a large mass of people who have literally been indoctrinated for years with Islamphobia by the press.

He is also looking to France’s equivalent of America’s Israel Lobby, in effect fishing for generous campaign contributions.

To achieve these goals, he is willing to treat decent, modest Muslim women who harm no one as some kind of infected aliens, to raise the level of Islamophobia in the country, and to further validate it.

What can you say of the character of a man who seeks leadership with such behavior?

He is a bully, a man of low character.

But we actually already knew this. Sarkozy’s last efforts at election involved a highly questionable secret massive donation from France’s richest woman whose age and condition at the time suggested senility.

He also is understood to have sought and received a large bundle of money from Libya’s late Colonel Qaddafi.

This is a man with no ethical or moral compass, trying to gain power by any means possible.


Response to another reader’s comment:

Rather idiotic effort at humor.

Choice is choice.

It is not up to you or Mr. Sarkozy to belittle what some choose.

Once we go down that path, we enter a very dark world.

The garb of Sikhs? of Mennonites? of ultra-Orthodox Jews? etc, etc.

In my own humanist eye, all these modes of behavior are ridiculous, but I will always defend the right of people to choose them.

It is the essence of a free society you attack.

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